I liked the Themes and color schemes in 2010. But when Microsoft released office 2013, those Themes and color schemes were gone. What to do. Luckily when I had installed office 2013, I did not install up on 2010 but as a separate installation of 2013.

The Themes, and their colors, effects and fonts are saved in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 14 – for Office 2010

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 15 – for Office 2013

I simply copy pasted from one folder to another. And yes you would need admin rights to be able to do this.

Posted by: Gomzy | August 25, 2011

Is Galaxy S2 worth buying?

A friend asked me “How is samsung galaxy S2? Worth buying?”

In one word I can say Yes, but I being me would go on and on and on…..

SII got a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1 gb ram, iPhone 4 has 1 GHz single core processor. I found SII is much faster than the SI and iPhone 4. But watch out for iPhone 5.

Samsung got a 4.3 inch screen bigger than 3.5 inch apple screen. But iPhone has super high resolution retina display compared to Read somewhere that iPhone screen is less power intensive and reproduces colors better but that does not mean a lot as of now.

The Body is plasticky, SII back cover is flimsy, made of slim plastic, seems will break down at any moment. iPhone 4 has a industrial design, it is the sturdiest you can get ever.

The OS in Android 2.3 (ginger bread) is far more stable compared to 2.2 and 2.1, but iOS is most stable any day. Personally like using a Android OS compared to iOS, because of the Home screen and Apps screen separately. Expect iOS 5 to add more features to the stable and then I might have to change my opinion.

Overall i feel iOS gets better apps than Android. Don’t like the Android App market experience, most of them look lot less polished than the iOS apps. Most of the apps I use however are available on both platforms so it does not matter.

I like the integration to Gmail/Google Apps/Social Networking in Android. iOS will have integration with twitter in iOS 5, but it is far less integrated.

Battery… I used to run out of the iPhone 3GS in half of the working day with SI somehow get to the end of the day (because I play with SI far less compared to iPhone), with a Blackberry Bold I would use 2 whole days. Displays consume most battery apart from the calls, bigger and touch screens even more.

If mail is the primary use of the phone Blackberry is better (Bold Series (avoid Torch) but look out for the new ones coming. For high apps and games use I would recommend iPhone. SII gives a more balanced user experiences.

Finally; when I bough the SI I though to myself that it is a poor mans iPhone. I still stick to it. SII gives far more value for money spent than iPhone.

Posted by: Gomzy | April 18, 2010

Bangalore loses IPL matches to bombs

In today’s India, a bomb can go off anywhere. What makes IPL think Mumbai is safer than Bangalore. Were the Mumbai not the target of more attacks than any other city in India? Whole of India is a dangerous place to be – case in point Dantewada attacks. Will they move the matches out of India? Will it remain IPL then? This is a bad precedent and a step in the wrong direction. It is shows that we are scared of miscreants.

Posted by: Gomzy | April 18, 2010

Perils of Thoughts

What is the link in Google Pages, Blogger, Orkut & Buzz? Apart from they all being Google owned sites; they fight for mindshare of individuals through web presence. They show the evolution of mediums to express one’s thoughts.

In good old days if you needed a web presence you needed a pursuing degree in computer science, to host a webpage on the university server and actually be able to create a webpage itself. Web space was costly and needed efficiency in HTML to create any web site at all. But that changed when free webhosting sites came into existence, e.g. www.angelfire.com. This is where I made my first web site. The web hosting provider would give you certain amount of web space (5-10 MB) to create your web page(s), and you had to bear with the ads they put on your site to compensate for the free web-space. They also allowed direct upload from HTML editors like Microsoft FrontPage. That meant creating a webpage was comparatively easy for people who did not know HTML etc. But then, the whole concept of web hosting meant that the thoughts or ideas are organized, just like a book to make a meaningful website. www.GooglePages.com caters to this market.

Then came blog. In the world of web two point owe – it is a contraction of the term ‘We-bLog’ – an online diary of (mostly) an individual. Later commercial organizations also picked-up the idea. This new concept meant that you do not have to arrange thoughts in any specific manner and let them flow as they came. Somehow they still meant that you mostly blog about a specific subject, and would consist at least a paragraph of text. www.blogger.com was the first site I think. Google later acquired blogger.

Come ‘on man you don’t expect to paragraphs from text frenzy people, who are in a hurry to go to hell so came www.twitter.com. These days it creates trouble for Indian politicians and cricket administrators alike. While not creating havoc in the Indian Parliament, twitter allows for shorter messages to be published from anywhere you can access the web or by sending a SMS. I think Google is trying to cater to this market with their latest Google Buzz, but it is bit different anyway. For one – it intrudes into your mail box.

While blogs graduated to dumber tweets, social networking space was becoming a rage. There were many others but http://www.myspace.com was a pioneer in this field, and http://www.facebook.com bulldozed everything else in the developed countries. http://www.orkut.com is Google’s answer which was developed as an internal project and became hugely successful in Brazil and India. Now these social networking sites wanted a share of the users mind so they started ‘what’s in your mind?’ and ‘what are you up to?

Isn’t that I was using twitter for, and before that blogger and before that angel-fire? Now when I come up with an idea that can change the world during my ‘power-nap-in-the-loo’ session, I ought to be confused where to express that. I don’t use websites now since they are passé. But luckily others are linked. When I put a message on my blogger it shows on face-book, orkut and buzz. If I press ‘Like’ on www.Youtube.com while logged-in they show on twitter and face-book. When I comment something on twitter, it shows on http://www.linkedin.com. Gradually everything is getting linked, and more confusing.

PS: I could not think of a better title for the blog post.

PPS: my twitter handle is hailgautam, I blog at www.gomzyonline.com and it has a mirror on www.gomzyonline.blogspot.com/

Posted by: Gomzy | April 3, 2010

A Trip to AMS

I visited AMS on the Good Friday. It warm when we began in Dordrecht but became very cold in the way. Once again in AMS it was quite good.

This picture is caused by my shivering hands due to the cold.

EY office in AMS. EY has a special place for me as I was associated for the longest period in any institution apart from primary school and college.

AMS royal palace. Not in use, apparently.

AMS central staion.

Finding Nemo any one?

Some of the houses can be very narrow. It seems in the heydays of AMS, land was very prime, and thus such narrow houses. I have seen some houses as narrow as one door.

This is a very famous bridge. It used to be lifted by hands in old days. Now motors do the work.

You can see some of the houses are not properly aligned and they are leaning on others.
Posted by: Gomzy | April 3, 2010

At the Chez

I went to Chez on a warm (NL standards) Friday afternoon for lunch. Enjoyed the food, enjoyed the location and enjoyed the weather. This restaurant is located at a very picturesque location of Wieldrechtseweg, near the port.

Posted by: Gomzy | April 2, 2010

In the lobby of Postillion Hotel Dordrecht

I stayed in Postillion Hotel, Dordrecht in a couple of visits to that place. I took some pictures and they are the cause of this post. The hotel is a nice place to stay, but the same can not be said about the food. The menu was short and did not change in 3 months. Luckily there is a Mc Donald’s adjacent to the hotel. Though virtually out of the town of Dordrecht, it is not really very far from the city center, and is barely 5 kilometers away.In the name of the facilities there is one pool table. You have televisions in every room and they give complementary water bottles in the room fridge, they also give coffee, tea and chocolate mix in the room to drink. Earlier they used to put a couple of soup packets as well but they did not during my 2nd visit. There is a pool table in the bar. Breakfast is complementary on the weekends, but the room charges make it up for them.

The above pictures were taken in April during my 2nd visit. Follwoing were taken in Jan’10 during my first visit. Also above pics were taken on a broken SE K790i while the follwoing pictures were taken on a new Nokia E 75. I missed the SE phones then.

Posted by: Gomzy | February 2, 2010

A View from my Desk

February 2010 was one of the coldest during the history and due to that I was virtually imprisoned in my hotel room.

These pictures were taken ten days apart on Feb 1st and 11th.

Posted by: Gomzy | November 19, 2009

Leeds City Museum

Went to see the York Museum today since I was finished with my work today early. The cab driver was a Pakistani fellow and we spoke in Hindi/Urdu. He advised me to go to York and said it has old type buildings. I decided so be it for the coming Saturday.

The tiger represents India, Indian Sepoys to be precise, the woman with the sword is Britania, and the dead female and child are the innocent English who were murdered by brutal Sepoys. Reality check anyone, One Two Three…

That is a rock that looks like a bread and a cutting knife, symbolizing hard times

Maa Kali, could recognize instantly, depicting the modern woman.

Union Jack made of rubbish.

Posted by: Gomzy | August 18, 2009

Primo PDF

Primo PDF is my favorite software to convert files into PDF. It is light, fast and also does not leave any water marks claiming responsibility for the printed material.

One of the better features is that – it allows to add more pages to an existing PDF file, therby allowing to create a porfolio of reports etc.

Features of Primo PDF:

  • Create PDF files from 300+ file types.
  • Make PDF documents for different uses, including online viewing, eBooks, office printing, and prepress (high-end printing).
  • Combine PDF files after they are converted.
  • Secure with passwords and add document information (title, author, etc.) during creation.

Download from: Download.com
Website: PrimoPDF.com

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