Posted by: Gomzy | January 15, 2007

At the Restaurant – Rangoli

Today is Makar Sankranti, end of the harvesting season and also winter. People wear new cloths and eat well. So since my mom insisted a lot i went to buy some cloths for me and tried Rangoli, a Gujurati Restaurants part of the Sarvana Bhavan at Pondy Bazar, Chennai. I had Thali, because when I asked for the menu the guy brought me the menu for the Thali – contents of the Thali only. Any way based on my previous experience I figured out that it would be very expensive otherwise to have separate dishes.

I was served with Dhokla and some other Gujju snacks (are they snacks?), and Jaljeera. The Thali had around 8-10 types of dishes, and Rotis etc. Well I did not go thru the menu what I was being served, so no idea what were there. Any way, food was very typical, and ok sorts. A little too many sweet tasting dishes. As I don’t like sweet, did not have all. Further I was not feeling hungry as well. So 80% of my plate was still full when I was full as well (what a waste of money). But I have decided to go there once more, when I am little more hungry so that I can eat properly and decided how was the food.

Sarvana Bhavan have good reputation for service, and this place was no exception. Crowd was mostly Northies.


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