Posted by: Gomzy | February 9, 2007

Cells and Ranges

Edit: Source: J

  • A1: The steak sauce cell
  • IM21: The legal drinking age cell
  • K9: The dog cell
  • AK47: The assault weapon cell
  • IV2: The second intravenous solution cell
  • B9: The malignant cell
  • HI5: The alternate handshake cell
  • AH:HA: The discovery range
  • F16: The fighter jet cell
  • AM:FM: The radio range
  • ET2: The Brute’ cell
  • AW42: The root beer for two cell
  • BU:BU: The erroneous range
  • BY:BY The farewell range
  • IC2: The double-vision cell
  • IQ100: The average intelligence cell
  • HO:HO: The Santa Claus range
  • GO2: The destination cell
  • FU2: The same to you cell
  • EX2: The second former spouse cell
  • CU8: The oil-rich country cell
  • BU10: The shirt fastener cell
  • BC49:BD1: The ’96 Presidential Election results range
  • AG1:GB1: The ’00 disputed Florida vote range
  • T42: The old soft-shoe cell
  • U2: The Irish rock group cell
  • BI123: The Lotus marketing slogan cell
  • C4: The explosive cell
  • V8: The vegetable juice cell
  • R2:D2: The android range
  • I1:U1: The tied game cell
  • AP:ES: The Simian range
  • H8:U2: The ex-wife range
  • IN2:CA9: The dog-lover range
  • AC:DC: The electric range
  • D84:U2: The double date range
  • I812: The Monica Lewinsky meets Linda Lovelace cell
  • I12:CU2: The “when can we meet” cell


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