Posted by: Gomzy | February 11, 2007

At the Restaurant – Noodle Bar

I love Chinese, as I had told earlier. And the most favorite place now a days for me to visit to have Chinese is the Noodle Bar at the Hyderabad Central. Ah! that reminds me to tell that I am in Hyderabad from the 10th to the 12th.

This i some kind of soup. Please don’t mind. I don’t remember any Chinese Dishes, but it was very sour. I think it was Tom Yam Soup.

The Place looks very up market, but the prices are not. Me and Asit who had come with me had an argument whether this place is expensive or not, but I could not make who is supporting what?I must recommend the Make your Noodle dish they serve in which you have to select the various ingredients you want. This time my selection tasted very well. In fact Asit also said that he liked it. But since he hates to eat Chinese and had expressed his displeasure over the Soup, I risk to guess that he just told me to make me happy.

Any way the dish was great. Yes, the prices they seem reasonable. There is ample crowed considering the place is located in such an advantageous place. They serve booze :D, but I don’t think any one will come here to have a high, but only to enjoy a odd drink.


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