Posted by: Gomzy | February 20, 2007

Pondichery in 2 hr

Our Journey Stared in Pondichery with going near to this Church. We were in fact looking for some place to eat. And we got the Sarvana Bhavan – yet again.

Do not know what it is, but thought should take a snap of it.

Humm French… We first went to the Aurobindo Ashram. The auto guy seemed to be a very nice guy, did not ask us some prohibitive amount to take us there. This building is near the Ahsram.

More of it…. Seemed that the French were in love with this Slate color, all most all the building in that area were this color only

All the roads in that area were named in French, could not have more of it..

This is Shi Aurobinod Ashram from outside, photography is not allowed inside.

They have a great collection of Cactus in the Aurobindo Ashram.

French Windows, again can’t have enough of it. This is the Aurobindo ashram.

More Windows. This is all that I did in there took lots of pictures of windows and building.

Did not I tell you that, I took only the pictures of Windows. Love the French Architecture and the Town Planning. If you were to go to the old Pondichery side, you will notice that all the roads intersect each other at exactly 90 degrees and you almost can see from one end of the town to the other end.

Those people never thought of having any open places outside the house. They may have some inside.

This area was a bit green.

More buildings.

This is the Consulate General of France office in Pondychery. Has to be here, it was there land after all. Look at the French and the EU flags

Windows more of it, old world charm…

My friend. He was a bit pissed off, I thought.. as I was taking all the pictures of the building ignoring him.

French Flag….

Fully Air-conditioned. Does any one live here??

Ah…look at those windows!

The Sea on one side and the Aurobindo Ashram on the other. Great Place to have an office I must say.

Some trees in the Sea, this is Bay of Bengal.
There is no Beach in this part of Pondychery. All rocks only.

Some kind of war memorial, built by the Indian Pondichery Government.

Many many foreign tourists here. They enjoy the Yoga a lot, greatest export of India after software I must say.

Humm being naugty.

A French Market Place.

I thought this is a Hotel, but turned out to be the Municipality Building.

The other side of the Municipality Office.

This the French Built War memorial for the Indian who fought in the first World War for the French.

The Gandhi statue taken from the Secretariat.

Now from near.

Opposite to the Gandhi statue is this Nehru’s statue. Little neglected isn’t it. But look at the cops, reminds me of the Pink Panther.

A Hotel.

French have this great taste when it comes to Buildings, look at the window, how it has been carved out.

A park, don’t know the name or anything. But it is opposite to the Raj Bhavan. A really great view. Must have been built for the French Ruler here.

My friend trying to take some snaps of the Raj Bhavan – the official residence of the Lt. Governor of Union Territory of Pondichery. He asked how do I know that this is the Governor’s house, I said, look at the emblem on the gate, look at the size, and look at the security.

Ha ha, wonder what those guys must be thinking…. But they would be having many more customers like my friended.

this is all that we did in Pondichery today. I fell sick, then my camera also fell sick. Now I am ok but the camera needs a check up. I used local batteries and damaged the display.


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