Posted by: Gomzy | March 10, 2007

At the Restaurant – Palita Nasi Kandar

I was super hungry today, and wanted to eat some Chiken, as I recalled it has been ages since I had proper chicken. I had seen this restaurant on the Sir Thiyagaraya Road in T Nagar Chennai. It claims to serve North Indian and also Malaysian Food.

The first thing I noticed that the furniture is made of Aluminum! – but why Aluminum? – it was very light and flimsy, this was just the beginning of things to come.

Since it was aluminum, I choose to order Malaysian – Chicken Noodles and Ayam Goreng/Sambal – a chicken semi-gravy side-dish. The noodles smelled bad, fishy infact. It took a lot of effort on my part to eat the entire thing. Curry was so so. At the end of the dinner I had to had fresh lime soda to get rid of the foul taste. But the drink was bitter, not sour.

The service was similar to what you find on some cheap road side “Bandi”. Prices was reasonable. It was however crowded and it may be because of it’s location. But considering the food I will never go there again.


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