Posted by: Gomzy | March 11, 2007

At the Restaurant – Surf

While returning from Mahabalipuram we stopped at Surf, a multi cuisine restaurant. Place was a nice and clean. They have a shop selling art items but we did not visit that.

We were greeted by the owner of the place. He suggested that they also provide many tour packages like bonfire, walk to spot the Olive Ridley turtle, fishing in the Bay of Bengal – which was quite interesting to know.

We had beer there…but it was served in these funny looking glasses. My friend opined that, these people do not have a license, because it is compulsory to show the seal and the label before opening, instead the waiter there just got us the beer in the glasses.

My friend wanted to have fish. I usually don’t eat fish and resist any one ordering fish, but did not want to play a spoiled sport. In fact I enjoyed the fish. It was fish fry – cooked the way locals people would.

Some people taking a snap with

Then we had Phulkas and Chicken Chettinad. The food was excellent, the service was also very good. However not many people seems to visit this place as they seems to have just opened the shop. The price seemed to be a bit on the higher side but not very much. I would surely recommended everyone going to Mahabalipuram should sure visit the place to have a nice time.


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