Posted by: Gomzy | March 15, 2007

Nandigram Fiasco…Some thoughts

What ever happening in Nandigram is an Irony of shorts. Left has been traditionally first to strike down any sort of Industrialization any where in India, calling it anti-poor. Now when trying to do their bit and they are facing the ire of their people.Why can’t they come to a place where they get the land willingly by the people? – Because the Industrialists want the land dirt cheap and the govt is always there to do their bit to oust the poor people from their farm lands and act as a mediator or dalal.

Industrialization has to happen and it has to happen with the consent of the people living where the Industry is coming up. The people who get displace due to and Industrial project are also an important stake holders it. These are the only ones who got only to loose anything from the project, hence they should be properly compensated.

Nandigram has been a flash point where it seemed that both the public and the administration has been rogue. The public of Nandigram have never bothered to come to the discussion tables and from the beginning tried to resists the project; probably never bothering to know what they are going to gain out of it. The administration also been slipshod in their approach, when thy first issued notification to acquire the land without consulting the public affected by the project.


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