Posted by: Gomzy | March 17, 2007

Should stray dogs be killed?

Question: What are these dogs doing around us?

Answer:We humans domesticated them because we wanted them to help us in hunting, later on when the civilizations developed and Humans started to cultivate and no more required the dogs then simply dumped them. But dogs were after all man’s best friend. They did not dump us and started living around the human settlements, living on what ever we throw out as garbage. They effectively clean more than half of the garbage that we Humans produce. If dogs weren’t there you can’t even imagine what would the cities would be like.The case in point in B’lore is about the contents of garbage. The dogs were eating meat thrown on the road side. Since it is meat which even makes men become devils (that is why many religions ban eating meat); you can’t really blame the poor old dog.

Question: The Population of Human beings is not growing…it is exploding..shouldn’t they be killed.
Answer: Well killing is not the answer, is it?


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