Posted by: Gomzy | March 23, 2007

intraVnews Ver 1.2

intraVnews makes it easier to get the most from the vast number of RSS feeds that are available on the World Wide Web. With a Microsoft Outlook and intraVnews installed, you can find and view information about anything on the Web if it is published in RSS, Atom or RDF feeds.

intraVnews provides the ability to manage and read 1000’s of syndicated feeds and web logs! Use search folders, forward news items to your friends and colleagues, mark items for follow-up, downloads the items that are new or changed, it will automatically clean-up items that are old … and best of all, the items are displayed right within Microsoft Outlook. No more clicking on links to start your browser or learning a new product.


  • FREE for personal use or use within non-profit organizations
  • All RSS & Atom versions supported
  • Post to your blog from Microsoft Outlook with intraVnews Publishing.
  • Posts full content into Outlook: great for offline reading and archiving. No other RSS solution for Outlook can do this out of the box!
  • New headlines pop up in a configurable “balloon”.
  • Secure feed support: Cookies, SSL, Basic & Digest & Windows authentication.
  • Import & Export your subscriptions from Bloglines or Newsgator or any other aggregator via OPML files.
  • Powerful engine minimizes bandwidth, maximizes performance. Tested with 5000 feeds simultaneously!

intraVnews is free for personal use and use in charities or non-profit organizations. Only simple registration is required.

Download from: intraVnews
Website: intraVnews


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