Posted by: Gomzy | April 11, 2007

A Train Journey

I recently went to see my parents. I took these pictures at the Vizag Station. The hills in the back ground had nice fog on them and they looked inviting.
Earlier when I used to travel in the train there used to be just 2-3 stations in between where there was mobile phone connection. However now a days the telephone connection has improved a lot and one can find the mobile being up almost the entire journey.

I discovered that each of the station name board also mention the Height from the Mean Sea Level. For example this Ichapur station is about 16.7 mt above Mean Sea Level. This I believe is a British time trend which has been continued as the height details are missing on the newly painted name boards.

While returning I came to know about some more interesting facts; like the L/C board means that there is a Level Crossing down the way and W/L means the train driver is required to blow whistle since there would be a crossing down the line.

I also came across the Indian Railways Fan Club (IRFCA) website. If you are interested in railways in India this is the place to go.


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