Posted by: Gomzy | May 5, 2007

About being in Industry

Though not really apparent; but CAs once in to Industry are so cut off from the basic knowledge. Everyone knows that the Balance Sheet format in the Schedule VI to the Companies Act 1956 has been given in Horizontal format but companies follow the Vertical Format. It once happened in on of my audit assignments. My Senior and our team was trying to explain to the Sr Manager Finance & Accounts who had over 10 years experience – that the company need to disclose some facts based on the Schedule VI of Companies Act 1956. When we told him that he very gravely remarked we follow the Vertical Format and not the Horizontal Format, so why do we need to disclose the fact. Initially we thought he was joking, and laughed but when we saw him that he still very serious about his remark then we realized that he was not joking and was very much serious.


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