Posted by: Gomzy | June 22, 2007

India’s First Female President

Finally after 60 years of India’s Independence India is – most probably going to get it’s first Female President. But the fact that she is a run of the mill politician who has a long history of being corrupt – or so does the RBI and others think makes me feel sad. I appreciate the fact that we are finally having a Female as the First Man (opps! should I say the first woman?!); but I would not surely like to see some one with a tainted background to sit on the President’s Chair. It is absolutely not acceptable by the common Indian Citizen that a person who has been implicated (even if the allegations are false) in corruption. There is a saying in Hindi “Aag ke bina Dhuna Nahi Hota” (or something like it) ie. there is no smoke without fire; I really believe in it, and think that Pratibha Patil should not be the President of India.There is another aspect to the whole issue that being the fact that she is a dummy and a doll chosen by Madam Sonia. I am not really bothered about this but what bothers me is that we are going to have a tainted person – again I must say – even if falsely – is not acceptable. No run of the mill politician please.


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