Posted by: Gomzy | August 5, 2007

SOFTEX Form Format

The whole idea of the post is to share the MS Excel format of SOFTEX Form. I use this format to efficiently create a large number of forms in less time compared to conventional word file that is available for download. Let us begin with some background on the SOFTEX Form:

STP Scheme is a 100% Export Oriented Scheme for undertaking Software Development/IT enabled services for Export using Data Communication links or in the form of physical exports including export of professional services for rendering consultancy services and development of software.

Software developed can be exported through Data communication Link / physical Media or software can be developed at customer site abroad by deputing software professionals of the unit.

As soon as the software is exported using Satellite Data Communication link, a software declaration in the prescribed form called SOFTEX form has to be submitted duly filled in, in TRIPLICATE to the STPI for clearance within 30 days from the date of Invoice along with the following documents.

  1. Invoice (3 copies)
  2. Customer agreement /W.O / P.O
  3. Project Details in the from prescribed by STPI, Hyderabad
  4. Data transmission details in support of the export of software (in the prescribed form)
  5. In cases where data communication link is obtained from a service provider other than STPI, appropriate documents in support of such connectivity.

Source: STPI Hyderabad

Download Format of SOFTEX:

  • Excel: Prepared by Me
  • Word: Source STPI Hyderabad

You can refer to the Guide to setup Export Unit under STP Scheme on the STPI Hyderabad Site for more details.


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