Posted by: Gomzy | October 23, 2007

About Accidents

Today we were transporting some household goods from my sister’s place to mine in an auto. Sister was following the auto and I was ahead of it showing the direction. The autowala (auto driver in Hindi) had an accident with a new Toyota Corolla. Mob surrounded the place and started blaming the autowala for the accident. My sister, who was following the auto said, it was the fault of the Corolla driver instead -who was trying to overtake the auto from right-hand side while there was hardly any space to do that maneuver. But car driver did not listen to us and was asking the auto driver to pay for the damages. It was clear that the less pricey the vehicle the more at fault of the driver for the accident.

While the argument persisted and I was speaking to the owner of the car over the phone explaining him the cause of the accident and that his driver was boozed up; one person from the mob gave somewhat absurd reason why the accident could have not been caused by the auto driver and asked us to leave the place. Happily we did. I also learnt that Mob rules!


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