Posted by: Gomzy | November 27, 2007

My Gran Turismo from Bam to Hyd

This was early morning on at around 6 am. Sun had not risen and we started for Hyderabad.Sun was about to rise. My car gave the first problem. The Starting Coil was burning red hot. This was the beginning of troubles with the car over the next two weeks.

The Sun rises.

Suresh was my trusted driver on the way. Thanks to him I could reach Hyderabad in a 22hr journey.

The Indian Autobahn. After the Golden Quadrangle project, the highway has become much safer and faster as well. However the route is full of toll gates. My journey till Vijaywada had at least 10 toll gates and had to spend around Rs. 350 at the toll gates.

This is how the old highway used to look, now bears a deserted look. It would have been a terrible ordeal for us to come if it were the old two lane highway.

At around 6 pm we reached Vijaywada. Much time was wasted due to the breakdown. The battery boiled with heat. Thank god we came in the winter, otherwise we would not have had come even half way. This is the Prakasam Barrage.

This is Kanaka Durgama Temple in Vijaywada. I had come here sometime back in 2001-02.

After leaving Vijayawada the road condition deteriorated, with potholes all over the road. Then the high beam light gave away. Thanks again to Suresh who took the pains to drive all the time.


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