Posted by: Gomzy | April 5, 2008

New Hyderabad Airport at Samshabad

I have been visiting the new airport in Hyderabad quite a few times over the last few days. This is a picture early morning sometime back.

The new airport is named “Rajive Gandhi International Airport” which is in my opinion is a very sad thing to do, since it is in Andhra Pradesh, it should have been in named after one of the local persons rather than a non-local person. However since the present provincial government is that of Congress Party, the current Chief Minister muscled his way to name it after Rajive Gandhi. Come to think of it, Rajive Gandhi never even ruled a full term, at least they could have named after P V Narashimha Rao, who not only completed a full term in the office but also spearheaded the opening up of the economy and which in a way lead to a private company to actually build an airport.

This is the first private airport to come up in India, and has been successfully operated over last few days. The other private airport to come-up is the Bangalore airport which has hit turbulence and not yet operational.

This airport is quite a distance from the town and they are trying to build an elevated expressway to the airport to ease the congestion. The new expressway will take some time to come up and expected to completed by June 2008; I doubt that though. But the thing that I don’t understand is why they need and expressway now when the road leading to the new airport is mostly 4 lane national highway for the part they are building the elevated expressway and is fairly capable enough to take on the increased traffic; rather they should have concentrated on building better roads in the town itself.

Anyway as I said it is a far away from the town and most often it takes the similar duration for most people to reach their destination as it takes to reach the airport.

I have not yet flew from this airport but what I learn is it is super fast to get out of it once you land here and seemed very small in size for a new airport,


  1. Though the airport looks to be fairly upto international standards, however the same shall have to go a long way having more shops and seats in the lounge

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