Posted by: Gomzy | April 13, 2008

At the Restaurant – Ohiri’s Banjara

This is the Ohiri’s Banjara, the Chinese portion of it which is on the 2nd floor

This sword, as we were told is an original one. I don’t know from where they got it, but looked like a Japanese Samurai one, as I have seen in the movies.

They have a good collection of bonsai trees, which is again a Japanese art of miniature trees. So much for the Chinese restaurant!

By the way they have prominently displayed; larger than the trees themselves; “Do Not Touch” boards. Who touches these trees anyway.

Food was good, but a moderately expensive as is the case with all the Ohiri’s. We billed of apporx 2.5K for 5 people. Oh! well we also boozed moderately that is a pint a head. It was the first time that we cousins boozed in front of my sis; who practically terrorises all of us when it comes to boozing. A lot of beens were spilled that day with one of my cousin describing some of the fuss I had created in the past. Thanks so much bro.

All in all it was good place to go and we enjoyed thoroughly, as it was one of the rare occasions where all of the us the earning members of our generation were together made it a day. I must thank my new(old) car that I flicked from dad. I have put nearly a months salary in it already to make it run without giving me troubles and its been behaving itself lately.

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