Posted by: Gomzy | April 19, 2008

My BSNL Telephone Connection

On the 2nd April while I was going for a meeting I came across two BSNL technicians working in my colony. I asked them if they could help me me with the long awaited telephone connection. They were very eager to help me out, and came to my place to check the status. They told me that they could give the connection only if they bring a line from the previous lane of row houses, which is what I always wanted. They had to bring the necessary cable to give the connection and said will cost me 1500 bucks. As I was desperate to have the connection and never had the word “bargain” in my dictionary, asked them to go ahead.

I promised to give them a call the over the weekend but never found the time to do so. So they came calling me on the 4th and I gave them a thousand bucks and said will give the rest when I get the connection. Later I came to know that my neighbor paid only 500 bucks to get the work done and he said that he had to pay less because he had applied six months before me.

They then disappeared over the next few days so I gave them a call 9th and they said they had to reactivate my connection as BSNL had closed the case. Anyway they came and gave the connection on the 11th and informed me that the phone connection will go live that evening or the next morning, which never happened.

I being always lazy to do anything, did not even bother to call them and ask why the telephone was not working but one of the technicians gave me a visit to see if all is working. I was not available at home so they left a message on a piece of paper. I called them the next morning and fixed appointment for the 19th. The BSNL technician was promptly came today and fixed it. Actually the telephone connection did go live as they said but the internal wiring in my house was not properly connected. The jack where the telephone instrument cable is fixed was not wired.

So this is how I got my BSNL telephone connection.


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