Posted by: Gomzy | April 27, 2008

The Long and Short of It

The other day a female (SP) posted a scrap on my Orkut account and said she wanted to speak about something. I did no know her so I wrote back asking what she wanted to talk and following is the conversation happened till now.

honestly i don’t know what did i write
and therefore don’t know what you talkin about in the scrap..
so what do you work as in EnY.
And how on earth can you speak oriya????


were you high that day when you wrote the scarp.

well i too don’t know what you were talkin about, coz you did not write about anything you wanna talk about but i am sure you did try to talk about something, but strangely wanted my permission talk about whatever you wanted to talk about. that is why i initiated talking about it and wanted to know what you want to talk about. well we are not doing much talking about anything except what we were trying to talk.

i would not talk about my ey experience in present continuous but in past perfect. i was a intern there – well! which is actually past continuous.

btw there is a place on the 3rd rock from the sun, it is called orissa, and ppl who are born there do tend to learn the mystic language of the land, they call it oriya. may be it has to do something with the name of the place or may be vice versa.


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