Posted by: Gomzy | May 4, 2008

At the Restaurant – Hampi

To begin with with Hampi is a place in South Indian state of Karnataka, from where the great King of Krishna Devaraya of Vizayanagar had ruled the entire South India. During his days South India was united and prospered both in trade and literature. Krishna Devaraya himself was a great poet and his dynasty was considered as the golden period of Telugu and other South Indian literature.

I went to this place to celebrate promotion of a very good friend of mine, and it was a pleasantly surprised at the entrance itself. I never saw anything like this in Hyderabad before.

The restaurant is full of exotic wood work and a delight for the eyes. It virtually takes you to a house of a South Indian royalty of the past.

This place is just off the main road hidden in the by lanes near TRS office in Jubilee Hills.

This place serves South Indian food both veg and non-veg, and had many of the typical Andhra cuisines on its menu. I was a bit crazy that day to try Plain Rice and a Andhra chicken curry. But on the second thoughts it was wondered, why would one has to come to a restaurant to eat just plain.. I was even crazier to order Butter Milk, Fresh Lime Soda and Jaljeera at the same time, and having all at together. I exactly did not like what I ordered, but others did enjoy what they ordered – bit sensibly.

I will recommend all to visit this place to enjoy the ambiance at least.


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