Posted by: Gomzy | May 13, 2008

Sony DAV-DZ777 My New Home Theater

By Raja Revant

Long time no see, yes its literally after the first post i guess. Basically, I’m not into blogging (but you will find that I’m not into anything else too…). Any ways let me come to the point, On the last Saturday i.e. 3rd May, 2008 i got myself an Sony DAV-DZ777 home theater system and that costed me a bomb, I would say almost a months salary. But the beauty of it was I got it since i didnt like the sound output from the LG tv that i was watching. My favourite past time is wathcing movies, download them from net and write into a DVD and watch it on the 29” TV. But I feel that the LG TV has got a very good picture quality but not the audio. Owing to the poor audio quality I had to download subtitiles for the movies and then watch them on TV. It was like looking at the news for “hearing-impaired”. So me and my Bro (Gomzy) decided to buy a home theater (I know that was a bad idea but you know what, an idle brain is a devil’s workshop and the gadget devil never sleeps) so we went to the near by Sony showroom

There are always two sides of a coin, in the same way i would say there are always two sides of buying “before buying” and “after buying” and this goes like this: you always make up your mind to buy something and also the budget is made up to buy this thing happens before you got to any shop and then after going there you end up buying something which is very much different than the one which is thought and many a time much more expensive thing (this is common in case of gadgets) so our “before buying product was something not as expensive as the one that i got but it had no “towers” then we saw another one that had only two back towers but no front towers and finally i said lets buy something with towers and we ended up buying this DAV-DZ777.

Let me tell you one thing guys Sony might be expensive but I would say it is every paisa worth buying. The sound is awesome (comparing to the peer products of this range) and i would say who ever listens will fall in love with this thing like me.



  1. My name is Morris from Zambia.I bought a DZ777 Sony home Theatre Last year in March after getting my gratuity.The system has a marvellous sound output, and my fellow employs and friends really admired the hometheatre.But on the fateful day 7th December last year thieves broke in the house and store a TV, DVD, Amplifier as well as a DZ777 Sony DVD amplifier Living me with only speakers.So now am only looking a DZ777 DVD amplifier together with a remote.

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