Posted by: Gomzy | June 15, 2008

About Problems

I believe there are problems because there are solutions. As darkness can not exist without light, similarly every problem has a solution. It is our job to find solutions for those problems.

But there is a trick in here and that is to know that there are problems on hand.  I see so many people all around me who are blissfully unaware of the problems on hand may be because they are so dumb or may be they are so stubborn that they refuse to accept the existence of problems.

I kind of like problems since they give us the opportunity to learn and to do things right in the future. Mankind has evolved through the ages to be able to “Blog” now because it had to face problems and it rose to the occasion to find a solution to all of its problems.

Now a days I have to put up with one of those guys who does not accept the problems. It frusrates me when a person does not want to learn to do things the way they meant to be done. I on my part however am not going to give it up.


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