Posted by: Gomzy | June 27, 2008

Your Resignation & Your Manager’s Hostility

By Raja Revant

Finally the day comes when you resign from your company, may be for a better opportunity or career growth or even better pay whatever might be the reason. You do everything possible from your side to see that the project is not hampered; complete the entire work that is committed and even keep yourself away from new ventures that are going to start and make sure that the time is right and you drop in your papers.

Then what the ever friendly manager all of a sudden turns hostile as if you are an alien, he/she won’t talk to you, won’t even look at you and even if he/she looks at you it would be a bloody stare as if you are a murderer. Managers forget all the commitment and the hard work that you have given to project to make it a success and they would even give you all these statements like “you have used the company as your learning ground and now you are backstabbing us” or “I never anticipated this from you” or some bullshit dialogues.

Managers are never satisfied by your work, come time of appraisal they are there always complaining “you didn’t do this” or else “you don’t come to office in time, you lack punctuality”. You work day and night or work for 20 straight hours a day and still you get to listen “You should have put in more efforts”. And other common terms like PROACTIVE, INITIATIVE etc. Come on what else should we do, kill ourselves. You would be asked to fill this metrics, this plan/ that plan, get data from here and analyze that and put into another plan and get the “maturity” of something all this should be done along with your regular work. You take all this with a grain of salt and tequila and put your flesh & blood into the project make it a success and some how a better opportunity comes your way and work through everything planning and completing even the smallest thing before you do the honours or dropping in your resignation and that’s it, its like a nuclear bomb from your side.

Mangers would never relieve you a bit early even though you sit idle, play games they are least bothered. You ask for some information they say that it’s a policy that they should not tell you anything after you resign so you are required to contact the HR and the HR being such a wonderful person whom you never meet until you resign so conveniently pass the buck on to the manager saying your manager should tell what ever you want. So there you sit like an as****le waiting for your notice period to end and blogging on your experiences ;-).

PS: All the thoughts are purely author’s personal view; resemblance to any “manger” is purely fictional.


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