Posted by: Gomzy | September 13, 2008

About Going to a Chinese Restaurant

Ok this is again about the way Indians eat Chinese. Earlier I discovered how one should avoid Chinese at non-Chinese type restaurants. Now I discovered the ordering pattern in a Chinese restaurant.

First thing, that people order in the name of starters is Manchurian whether in veg. or non-veg. There could be thousand different food itme on the menu but people will invariably ask this fodder only. I mean why cant you have a new dishes every time one goes to the restaurant. Indians are so very much against experimenting that they will never order anything else but Manchurian.

The second most important thing people order is the Soup. Nothing wrong here yet; but as soon as they receive soup on their table first thing they do is search for the black pepper, salt, tomato ketchup, pepper, vinegar and soya sauce. Then they would pour everything into their bowls without even tasting how the original soup tasted like. Indians are fond of rituals. They would follow them without even knowing why they are required to do them.



  1. Man I can’t say anything abt the first but the second one its damn true……… if availble they would even drop some pickels into the soup and make it look and taste pretty much different from what has ordered.

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