Posted by: Gomzy | May 18, 2009

Slogging Blog

Recently the entries into the blog have been few and far between. The reason has been diagnosed and as it turns out the factors are a few. Primarily the blog was a photo blog, which took shape during my days at Chennai, where I had a good camera phone (SE K750i) and ample time to update. At various times I had equally good phones that were capable of giving great results. Now a day however I am sporting Nokia E61i, which though is a very capable business phone, lacks punch in the camera department.

The other reason has to do with my company policy – which was updated recently – not to allow access to blogs and personal networking sites. I while totally agree with the policy, nevertheless not able to find any opportunity to update my blog.

The third reason is to do with saving on my power bills at home. Earlier my home computer would be switched on for almost all the time. But this has caused me to received four digit power bills, more than double what others receive. To curtail on the expenses I have reduced the time my system stay on and in the process not having enough time to do any productive work on my blog. I hope that the situation improves and I spend more time updating my blog.


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