Posted by: Gomzy | April 3, 2010

A Trip to AMS

I visited AMS on the Good Friday. It warm when we began in Dordrecht but became very cold in the way. Once again in AMS it was quite good.

This picture is caused by my shivering hands due to the cold.

EY office in AMS. EY has a special place for me as I was associated for the longest period in any institution apart from primary school and college.

AMS royal palace. Not in use, apparently.

AMS central staion.

Finding Nemo any one?

Some of the houses can be very narrow. It seems in the heydays of AMS, land was very prime, and thus such narrow houses. I have seen some houses as narrow as one door.

This is a very famous bridge. It used to be lifted by hands in old days. Now motors do the work.

You can see some of the houses are not properly aligned and they are leaning on others.

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