Gomzy Online is about a new attempt at writing chronicle of my experiences, my thoughts & me Yet Again. Why Yet Again? Well there are some unstable blogs of mine which i kept experimenting with. This is the latest and as a result of those attempts. Therefore to give homage to those pages I said Yet Again!.

So what are my experience, thoughts and who am I? read on…

My Experiences

As life goes on one come across may things, some good and some bad. Some can be captured for ever and some not. The captured moments are – Just Pictures. However there are moments that can not be captured by a camera; I attempt here to write them as I cherish these precious moments through my realizations.

My Thoughts

Just imagine a banyan tree, a tea shop there, and some people sitting and discussing various things affecting them. I try to be part of such a discussion. I have these thoughts about various matters. How the things should be, why they should be the way I think they should be.

Ok now stop imagining and come back to reality, there is no banyan tree, there is not group of people having tea and discussing anything. Now in this crowded world I feel so lonely- no one to sit and chat and share my thoughts. That is why this blog is an extension of myself.

And Me

MeWho Am I?: An accountant by education, though not yet complete but hoping to get over it sometime in the future.

What are my Interests?: I like to fiddle with Microsoft Excel, and Excel is my first love. (In fact my first blog was based on Excel, but now I have merged everything into one). The Excel posts are a little bit aged currently as I have not been able to work on new posts. I am interested in Photography. I am an amateur photographer who is still learning. I Like Eating Out, I do not like cooking at all, actually can’t cook so has to eat out a lot. So I go to different places to eat rather than the same old place. Always wanted to be a writer (in fact this blog is also a product of that yearn) and have done some research on few areas like Finanace, Tax an Law – my bread and butter subjects. Since I have been interested in emerging technologies in the field of computers and related subjects since my childhood I am a bit comfortable with those topics. I have some tech-reviews on software, hardware and on internet that I thought would be useful to readers.

What do I do?: I do everything except what I am supposed to do. By the way what I am an aspiring chartered accountant.

Why I am doing what I am doing which I am not supposed do?: Call it a obsession of doing something new, something different or something that no one else does. Or may be to try to do what all others seem to be doing. In fact this is both – none of my friends or colleagues have such a web presence as I have but every one on the tech forums, which I visit regularly.

What do I stand for: I stand for nothing, I keep drifting from one place to another, one thought to another, one pursuit to another…..not knowing what I what I stand for and what I want to stand for.

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